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Read the answers to what our customers are most interested in concerning the autonomous mower.

Service and Support FAQs

Read the most frequently asked questions concerning the solutions for operation, maintenance, and technical difficulties. Should you ask another question, do not hesitate to send it to us via the “Support and Service Request Form.”

What can I do if the mower won’t turn on?

You need to verify whether the battery is charged and recharge it if required. The second reason the mower is not working might be a burnt 40A fuse, which needs changing. Please watch our video manual How to change the fuses. The last possibility is a faulty master switch. In this case, the master switch has to be changed. Please contact the service support.

What shall I do if the remote control won’t turn on?

There might be a problem with the battery that might need changing. Maybe you have to recharge the remote control. Please watch our video manual How to recharge all the units. It could also be a malfunction of the master switch on the remote control -- in this case, the master switch has to be changed. Please contact the service support.

What shall I do if I cannot pair the remote control with the mower?

Check the LED diodes on the black cupola of the mower, which is located by the master switch.

  • If the LED diodes on the cupola emit blue light, it means the mower is paired with another remote control.
  • The orange light indicates the Bluetooth module is being reset at the moment, and you need to reset the whole mower. If the reset does not help, it is necessary to replace the Bluetooth module in a service center.
  • If the light is green, the remote control is ready to be paired, and you need to pair it with a specific mower again.

What shall I do if the SOS button is not working?

If the SOS button is not working, the SOS button and the mower have probably been disconnected. You need to contact a service center, and they will renew the pairing or, if needed, decide to change the entire SX module.

What can I do if the LED strip on the mower is not flashing?

You have to check the connection of the connector to the electronic control unit, then check the connector on the bonnet by the LED strip.

It is possible that the LED strip has been damaged mechanically; if that is the case, you need to contact a service center and request a replacement.

The last possibility is a burned fuse which needs replacing.

What shall I do if the LED strip on the mower flashes orange-red?

If the LED strip on the lawnmower flashes orange-red, it means the bumper sensor is switched on (by default after a collision with an obstacle).

If the LED strip flashes orange-red even though there was no impact before, it is necessary to adjust the bumper sensor at the service center or replace it. Contact a service center, please.

What shall I do if the mower is not in the online mode?

The LTE antenna is probably not connected to the electronic control unit. You have to connect it.

If it is impossible to switch the mower to the online mode, or if it switched to the offline mode on its own accord, it means the LTE connection is too weak. In this case, the operator has to move the mower manually to a place with a better LTE signal.

If the steps above do not help, the reason might be a faulty LTE antenna, and it has to be changed in a service center.

The last possibility is the SIM card has not been activated, or its data are off or used up, and you need to contact a service center.

What shall I do if the mower does not have FIX (it has lost its GPS location) or it has lost the data reception from the correction station?

The power will stop, the LED diodes on the remote control will turn off, indicating the FIX loss (the loss of the exact GNSS location). If the mower does not reconnect to its location within 30 seconds, it will be disconnected from the autonomous mode. The operator has to approach the machine and wait for the FIX to reconnect; after that, they can switch the mower to the autonomous mode again.

If the FIX does not start working on its own accord, the operator has to move the machine manually to a place with a better GNSS signal (with no obstacles such as trees, solar panels, roofs, etc.) to provide a better signal reception. The mower should reconnect to its position; if not, the operator has to restart the mower.

In case the restart does not help, it is necessary to check the GNSS RTK correction station (e.g., it might be flat, or the placement might need checking). If everything is all right, the operator has checked the quality of the GNSS signal even on the web portal MySpider, and it is strong enough, they have to contact a service center and request a GNSS antenna replacement.

What does the guarantee service to the snt. Autonomous mowers cover?

The guarantee service covers material and process defects caused by common usage during the guarantee period.

During the guarantee period, our or one of our authorized partners’ service will repair or replace the machine or its parts that prove faulty due to the material production defect. In case of software issues or faults which may be assigned to the autonomous operation, the service IT center will design the next steps.

The debugging always happens in the first step “remotely” at the customer and/or an authorized service place and our center for IT support.

You can find more information about the guarantee conditions in in the General Terms and Conditions

How can I log into the user portal?

On purchase of a machine, an administrator account was created for you on user portal. At the same time, you received access information to your account. You can find the access information in your mailbox as well as in the documents you received on the machine takeover.

You may log into the portal on mySpider.

In case you have forgotten your password, please use the possibility forgot the password right on the login portal.

If you encounter another login problem or administration of your account, do not hesitate to contact us through our Support and Service Request Form or over the telephone via the hotline.

Where can I find the nearest service center?

Currently, our head service center for all requirements connected with hardware and software is located in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, we have service representation at our authorized partners in Austria, Germany, Spain and UK.

Many requirements, especially in the software area, can be solved remotely thanks to our online and telephone support and the possibility of delivery of the required spare parts.

You will find all the contact information for our service centers here.

I need to mow a new area; what shall I do to use the autonomy?

Please contact our sales representatives

They will arrange the nearest date when our specialists visit you and measure the dimensions of the new area, and they will discuss the conditions of this service with you.

Until then, you can use the Perimeter mode function. You may find detailed information of the Perimeter mode use in the Spider Autonomous 2.0 manual or the video guide of perimeter mowing.

What shall I do when the Autonomous mode does not start?

To start the Autonomous mode, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • The mower is online (online light)
  • The mower knows the GPS position (GPS light)
  • The mower receives GPS_RTK data from the correction transmitter
  • The correction transmitter is at a distance maximum of 10 km
  • All the mower’s bumpers are intact and not activated
  • The mower has operated, at least, for 5 meters in the manual mode or has completed the calibration process.
  • The mower is in the inclination that is not bigger than 35 degrees
  • The engine is on

What shall I do when I cannot load a route into the mower?

You need to verify whether the mower is in the online mode.

If it is offline, it does not receive GMS data.

Verify the status of your mower on the controller; the online LED light must be on.

The second place where you can check the status of your mower is on the mySpider portal. Here the indicator must also signal that the mower is in the online mode.

If the mower is not online, it is necessary to move the machine and put it in a place with a stronger GSM signal. When the mower switches to the online mode, it is necessary to re-upload the route from the portal so that the mower can start mowing autonomously.

How can I load a route into the lawn mower?

You can load a route via the mySpider user portal.

When using the Perimeter mode, a map is automatically loaded into the portal after the operator has driven the mower around the perimeter of the area manually using a remote control.

How can I clean the mower?

The Spider Autonomous 2.0 mower has a unique service position, in which it is on a vertical tilt on one side. This position allows for easy and safe access into the mowing deck of the machine. Further cleaning and maintenance are described in the video guide How to clean the machine.

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