The world of mowing
is changing.

Explore the new Autonomous mowers navigated by precise satellite GPS technology.

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snt. Autonomous mowers.

The snt. company offers the only autonomous lawn mowers suitable for rough and sloping terrains on the market.

New way of care and maintenance of large commercial grassy areas.

We have kept all the great features of the chassis commercial slope mower Spider produced from the year 2006 and added precision GPS based navigation.

The result is an autonomous mower that is changing the future of mowing - Spider Autonomous 2.0.

It brings better performance and lower operation costs by mowing.

We have tested the Spider Autonomous 2.0 on more than 4 000 ha solar parks.

Main benefits.

The new GPS navigated commercial autonomous mower.

Area Coverage


Area Coverage

Time usage


time usage

Safety Conditions


safety conditions

Less O&M Costs


O&M Costs

Less Logistic Effort


logistics effort

Fuel Consuption


Fuel consuption

+30 % Efficiency.

The commercial autonomous slope mower brings up to 30 % higher effectivity, lowers operator costs up to 38 %, and offers universal use.

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