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What do you need to find out or solve?

I have an urgent issue, and I need telephone support.

In case of need for immediate help with technical issues, do not hesitate to contact us over the telephone.

When contacting our support, please specify the Mower ID of the machine you need our help with.

Hotline universal

Weekdays from 9 am to 17 pm CET

Hotline for Germany

Weekdays from 9 am to 17 pm CET

Hotline for Spain

Weekdays from 9 am to 17 pm CET

User portal access

You can log into your user account and manage all your machines in one place on mySpider.

We have sent you the login information to the portal; you can also find it in the documents you received during the product handover. During the first activation, your autonomous lawnmower is registered and placed into your user account.

Fleet manager

  • Supervises all the operators
  • Assigns jobs to individual operators
  • Uploads routes to individual mowers
  • Checks the service inspections

The user account also manages all the necessary service tasks, inspections, oil changes, operating hours of each machine, current operation, and so on.

You control all your devices from one place.

myspider portal

Waranty Conditions

The full guarantee service for 12 months / 800 working hours starts at the moment of goods delivery or the first data transfer onto mySpider user portal, according to what happens first.

The customer is obliged to inspect the goods immediately after the handover and is further to read the manual and potential guarantee conditions before the first use of the product. The customer is obliged to abide by the information strictly, otherwise the customer puts himself/herself in danger of damage caused by improper use.

In case of potential software issues of faulty that may be attributed to autonomous operation, the IT service center determines the next steps. The debugging process always happens during the first step “remotely” at the customer’s and/or authorized IT service center.

More in the General Terms and Conditions

Do you need help with the operation, or does your machine need repairing?

Fill out our form and send us your inquiry or service requests.

When contacting our support, please specify the Mower ID of the machine you need our help with.

We will answer by the next working day and suggest the next steps of the procedure.

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