Principles of Personal Data Processing.

The snt. – SNT – SPIDER NEW TECHNOLOGY s.r.o. with headquarters on Froncova 476, Praha – Hostavice, PSC 198 00, identification number 17332273 at Regional Court in Prague (hereinafter ‘Administrator’) hereby informs its Customers regarding personal data processing should they use the company services in accordance with the regulation of Article 12 and following on a Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 with effect from 25th May 2018.

What data we store after filling in the forms on this website

The Administrator will process the following personal data:

  • First name and Surname
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Identification Number and Taxpayer Identification Number of self-employed persons (hereinafter ‘Personal data’).

Purpose of Data Processing

The purpose of Personal data processing is compliance with the Administrator’s legal obligations resulting from the contract between you as the Purchaser and the Administrator as the Seller. Another purpose is the Administrator’s compliance with their legal obligations resulting from the legally binding regulations. The Personal data processing furthermore serves the purpose of contacting the Purchaser for the reason of an order or the  demonstration of the machines.

Granting Access to Other Parties

In justified cases, the Personal data processed to comply with the obligations resulting from the Administrator’s specific legislation may be forwarded to law enforcement authorities. The Administrator may also forward the Purchaser’s data to several other subjects (e.g., shipping and freight companies). The legal argument here is the compliance with the obligations resulting from the contract with the data subject and the legitimate interests of the Administrator or a third party. Personal data that pertain to a group of special categories of Personal data are not forwarded to a third party.

Obligation to Provide Personal Data

The Administrator shall provide the Personal data to comply with obligations resulting from the contract or based on consent with sending commercial communications.

Period of Data Processing

The Administrator may process Personal data for the period necessary to execute the rights and obligations resulting from the contract or for the period needed to solve disputes stemming from the contract.

The company will preserve the Personal data collected with the Purchaser’s consent for the purpose of delivering commercial communications (predominantly our newsletter) or for our marketing events until the Purchaser withdraws their consent to its preservation. The data will be preserved for a maximum of 5 years after granting the permission. In other situations, the data processing period emerges from the purpose or is given by legal regulations from the General Data Protection Regulation area.

Guidance Rendered to the Data Subject

The snt. – SNT – SPIDER NEW TECHNOLOGY  s.r.o. hereby informs its Customers about their rights to:

  1. Obtain a confirmation from the Administrator whether the Personal data provided by the Customer is being processed or not. In case it is being processed, they are entitled to be granted access to the data and the following information: the purpose of data processing; the category of the specific Personal data, recipients, or the category of recipients to whom the Administrator will grant access, especially the recipients from the third country or international organizations; the period planned for the data preservation or, in case it is not possible to estimate this period, the criteria used to stipulate the period; the right to request the Administrator to correct or delete the Personal data concerning the data subject or to restrict the data processing or raise objection against the processing; the right to complain at the GDPR supervisory authority. 
  2. Ask the Administrator to correct inaccurate Personal data concerning the Customer without unwarranted delay. Taking into consideration the purpose of data processing, the Customer has the right to complete the missing Personal data, even providing an additional statement.
  3. Ask the Administrator to delete Personal data concerning the Customer without unwarranted delay. The Administrator is obligated to delete the data without unwarranted delay in case one of the following reasons is given: Personal data is no longer needed for the purpose of gathering or processing it; the Customer retracts the consent, and there is no other legal basis for data processing; the data processing was done illegally. Personal data shall be deleted to fulfill legal obligations stated in European Union law or a member country that concerns the Administrator.
  4. Ask the Administrator to restrict the data processing if the data processing is illegal; if the customer asks the Administrator to restrict the data processing instead of deleting it; if the data is no longer necessary for processing but is needed for definition, execution, or defense of legal claims.
  5. Receive their Personal data from the Administrator to forward it to another Administrator designated by the Customer.
  6. Object to processing their Personal data by the Administrator.
  7. In case of any doubts as to whether their Personal data is being processed in terms of the above-mentioned legal obligations, the Customer may contact the Administrator or the GDPR Supervisory authority. The Personal data processing is subject to the GDPR Supervisory Authority (, where the Customer may file a claim via an e-mail to, the data box qkbaa2n, or by sending a letter to Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů, Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7.
  8. Exercise all their rights by contacting the snt. company at or by sending a letter to the company headquarters.
  9. Require information about taking measures or why particular measures were not taken, or about meeting the Customer’s requirement without any unwarranted delay in 30 days’ time at the latest.

In Prague on 5th May 2022.

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