The new GPS navigated autonomous mower.

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Professional care and maintenance of large commercial lawns.

Spider Autonomous 2.0

The only certified professional autonomous lawn mowers suitable for rough and sloping terrains.

We are presenting a connection that is changing the future of mowing.

Ideal solution for solar parks, vineyards and orchards.

The lawn mower Autonomous Spider 2.0 consists of the tried-and-tested patented chassis of industrial remote control Spider slope mowers manufactured by DVOŘÁK – svahové sekačky, s.r.o. and a highly precise navigation system developed by SMAUT Technology.

+30 % Efficiency

Commercial autonomous slope lawn mower brings up to 30 % higher efficiency, lowers operator costs up to 38 %, and offers universal use.













Spider Autonomous 2.0 is more than a robotic lawn mower.

A highly precise technology, navigated by a satellite, enables the mower to follow the predefined route while mowing.

Unlike a robot lawn mower used so far, the Spider Autonomous 2.0 with GPS-RTK does not need guide wires.

Precise navigation

The professional self-propelled rotary GPS grass mower.

This automatic lawn mowers with a patented travel, 4-wheel drive system, Kawasaki engine and precise control, will replace multiple specialized commercial self propelled lawn mowers, zero turn mowers, ride on mowers and most workers with brush cutters.

About productivity

The slope mower for demanding terrain.

The Spider Autonomous 2.0 with the mulching function, is grass cutting machine suitable for both short and tall grass.

Furthermore, it is efficient on wet grass, for natural seeding, old cover, and lawns in gardens, parks, and large areas.

The lawn mower is optimal for hills, uneven terrain, and other dangerous places.

About Terrain


We have preserved all the great features and parameters of the tried-and-true Spider ILD02 remote control mower and enhanced them with a unique autonomous control system.

It brings better area coverage, safety conditions and use of time.

It lowers O&M costs, fuel consumption and logistics effort.

More benefits

Productivity and efficiency of mowing.

Reliable mowing machines equipped with autonomous functions increased performance of mowing by 30 %.

Perfect supervision and control of the mowers and tasks

Keep perfect supervision about routes, jobs and mowers in the web application.

Maximum safety and comfort while mowing

Thanks to autonomous mowing and ergonomic remote controller, the operator always stays out of the danger zone.

Universal use of terrain mower

Spider Autonomous replaces multiple specialized cutting machine as lawn tractor or brush cutters.

It fits to all terrain and cuts various types of grass in any weather.

Flexibility of use

Autonomous mowers work automatically without perimeter wires. The route only needs to be measured once.

Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0
Universal use
Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0
Perfect Control
Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0
Flexibility of use
Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0
Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0


Reliable mowing machines equipped with autonomous functions, innovated ergonomic remote control and easy management all mowers and tasks from web application.

More features

User portal for managing and following routes, GPS grass cutters and tasks

The mySpider user portal enables the management of a fleet of autonomous lawn mowers.

Innovated ergonomic remote control

We have developed a brand new ergonomic remote control with wireless charging, vibration response and bidirectional communication.

Autonomous, RC and Perimeter modes

The Spider Autonomous 2.0 operator may easily switch between the Autonomous and RC (remote controlled) mode.

Precise satellite navigation

Spider Autonomous mowers are navigated by a satellite GPS technology complemented with an GNSS-RTK correction station. Autonomous mower does not need any installation of perimeter wires to work independently without any human intervention.

Web application
Web application
Remote control
Remote control
Mowing modes
Mowing modes
Satellite navigation
Satellite navigation


Quality cutting and mulching of short, high and wet grass, light brushes. Cutting on slopes and hills is not a problem for the self-propelled all-terrain industrial autonomous and remote control lawn mower.

More Functions

Mowing large areas on uneven terrain and slopes

Thanks to its light construction and unique drive system, the all terrain autonomous mower can mow grass on steep slopes.

Quality cut and adjustable height of cut

Quality cut is ensured by 4 blades of the mowing deck. The height of the cut is adjustable.

Cutting short, overgrown, and wet grass

Suitable for cutting any grass in any weather.

Terrain and slopes
Terrain and slopes
Quality of cut
Quality of cut
Cutting grass
Cutting grass

Would you like to have more information from us?

The best way is to see Spider Autonomous 2.0 in action!

Should you be interested in seeing a new way of professional care and maintenance of commercial lawns with the Spider Autonomous 2.0 mower? Feel free to register for one of our demonstration events.

Free Demonstration

Technical parameters

The petrol engine lawn mower with the patented drive system „Dance step“ together with a self-propelled 4-wheel drive system.

The chassis is built to work on challenging terrain. The mowing mechanism also deals quickly with cutting tall grass when raining even on extreme slopes.

It is powered by the high-performance Kawasaki FS730V-EFI engine. The fuel type is unleaded petrol with low consumption of 3,5 L/h.

If you are looking for a large self propelled powerful rough terrain lawn mower, the Spider Autonomous 2.0 is the right choice for you.

Cutting System

Cutting width

123 cm / 4 cutting blades

Cutting height

9 – 14 cm / 7 – 12 cm

Blade clutch


Drive System



Oil Tank

9 l


up to 8 km/h


360°, 4 wheels


16 x 6.5-8

Drive Unit

Engine Type

Kawasaki FS730V-EFI


25,5 HP / 19,0 kW Gross HP SAE J1940


726 ccm

Ignition System


Fuel Tank Capacity

16 l

Navigation Technology


5x RTK-GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, QZSS on 3 frequency bands, integrated inertial sensors (IMU)


LTE, UHF 430-470MHz, Bluetooth v5.0

Performance and Consumption


up to 8 500 m2/h

Fuel consumption

3,5 l/h

Climbing ability

41° RC mode/35° Autonomous mode


164x143x92 cm


385 kg

Remote Control


UHF 430–470MHz, Bluetooth v5.0


Li-Ion rechargeable, min. 20 hours lifetime, wireless charging ready

SOS Stop Button

Long range


430–470MHz transmitter


E-Paper, LED, acoustic, vibration

Accessories and additional services. What is included.

Spider Autonomous 2.0 purchase package contains:

Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0

Ergonomic remote control

The new ergonomic remote control with wireless charging, vibration response, and bidirectional communication.

The Li-ion battery pack lasts up to 20 hours. Remote control connects to the lawn mower via Bluetooth technology.

All the remote controls are equipped with a ‘Stop’ button. It can turn off all the automatic grass cutting machines in the vicinity.

The remote control displays real-time data about the lawn mower.

Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0

Training of autonomous maintenance

Training in autonomous lawn mower control and operation is included.

The staff training necessary for correct mower operation in all modes (Autonomous, RC, Perimeter).

Training in proper maintenance and essential service of the Spider Autonomous 2.0 lawn mower commercial.

Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0

Charging station

The charging station provides wireless charging of the remote control and the spare batteries.

The charging station recharges the GNSS-RTK correction station via a cable.

You can charge the remote control separately or with the correction station at the same time.

Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0

User portal with route and fleet management and operations

Access to the user portal mySpider.

The portal is designed to manage and follow all your autonomous mowers and assign tasks and jobs within the fleet management and route optimization.

The portal also includes map data where the planned efficient routes are saved.

Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0

GNSS-RTK correction station

To use the machine in the Autonomous mode and the Perimeter mode is necessary to know the data about the precise position of the mower.

This accurate data is guaranteed by the correction data transmitter in the mowing area. GNSS-RTK correction station must be turned on and transmit correction data to the machine.

Accessories and additional services you can order.

It is possible to order more accessories and services.

Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0

Complementary measuring services

We offer measurement of the mowing area, marking solid obstacles and subsequently planning the route for the Spider Autonomous 2.0. Measuring and planning two routes up to a 5 ha area is free of charge as a part of the purchase package.

You may also order service, which includes dividing routes into separate segments for autonomous maintenance by multiple mowers.

Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0

Available spare components

We offer all spare components necessary for the everyday maintenance and service of the Spider grass cutter.

We provide common wear & tear parts (blades, belts, etc.).

You may also order different service packages and tools that speed up all service tasks.

Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0


We offer two types of specially constructed trailers intended to transport one or three Spider Autonomous 2.0 mowers.