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Spider Autonomous 2.0

What is the cost of the Spider Autonomous 2.0?

Total cost of ownership Spider Autonomous 2.0, including maintenance, fuel, operator cost and depreciation (per Ha) per machine is 57 EUR on average.

You can discuss more details about costs and price of the commercial autonomous mower with our sales representatives. To contact us for your price quotation you can use our simple web form or you can contact the snt. representatives directly.

Where can I see and buy a Spider Autonomous 2.0 mower?

We will be pleased to demonstrate the mower free of charge in one of our two showrooms. In Dvořák — svahové sekačky, s.r.o. in Pohled or in the SMAUT Technology research and development center in Český Brod. You can also register to one of our free demo events or arrange individual demonstartion.

You can fill the order form on this website to buy the mower. The snt. Autonomous mowers. sales representatives will consult the details concerning your order with you. You can also contact our authorised sales partners. All contacts and more information you will find in Contact and Sales.

How do the service guarantee and post-guarantee service work?

If you need any service, do not hesitate to visit our page support where you will find all information about the guarantee and post-guarantee service and the list and contacts to our service centres. You can also contact us on our customer line at +420 226 886 411, and we will tailor the maintenance or repair according to your needs.

Can the mower work also on muddy terrain?

Yes. The unique chassis, patented 4-wheel drive system, and lightweight structure ensure perfect maneuverability; therefore, it is also possible to operate the mower on soft, muddy and slightly damp terrains. You can learn more details directly from our head of sales in video Autonomous mowing on slopes.

How big an area can the mower handle at one time?

The Spider Autonomous 2.0 can mow up to 8 500 m2 per hour when in the autonomous mode. As a result, the operator does not need to take breaks and the overall mowing time thus elongates. More about the performance of the autonomous mower you can get in our video Autonomous mowing on solar field.

Is the mower suitable for golf course turves?

Golf courses are usually mowed by cylinder mowers. The Spider Autonomous 2.0 can mow the boundary parts of a golf course including steeper slopes. Its low weight, swerving system, and mowing mechanism are also suitable for mowing large-sized, regularly maintained green surfaces, such as in municipal parks or extensive commercial grounds. We can recommend video Autonomous mowing on slopes, where you can explore more details.

Will the mower fit under solar panels?

Depending on the solar panel structure the mower can work even autonomously underneath the solar panels as well. More about this theme you can learn in the article or video Interview with the main developer of autonomous control unit.

Can I cut grass even during rain?

Mowing is possible in the rain, the device is resistant even to heavy rain.

How big a downslope can the lawn mower deal with in the autonomous mode?

The mower can work on steep slopes with inclinations of up to 35 degrees in the autonomous mode and 41 degrees in the RC mode. We can recommend the videos Autonomous mowing on slopes or The best commercial autonomous mower for steep slopes where you can see how easily the Spider Autonomous 2.0 can handle it.

Autonomous system

What percentage of the area can the lawn mower take care of autonomously? How much is left to cut with a brush cutter?

It is not easy to assess this because it depends on the terrain and number of obstacles. You can mow most of the surface with the autonomous lawn mower. The mowing deck is positioned between the wheels. That minimizes the risk of leaving uncut grass tussocks when mowing around or along obstacles. We can recommend you to arrange the demo to see personaly how the Spider Autonomous 2.0 handle with the mowing of the erea.

How to prevent the lawn mower from colliding with an unexpected obstacle?

The lawn mower operator is responsible for the operation of the machine; they must make sure there are no unexpected obstacles on the planned route and secure the mowing area to prevent unauthorized persons from entering it.

The lawn mower is equipped with 8 bumpers. If there is an impact on one of the bumpers while mowing in the autonomous mode, the machine automatically switches to the manual mode and stops mowing.

The mower should be also supervised by the operator while autonomous mowing. Operator can use the safety "SOS stop button" on the remote control to stop the mower immediately before a collition takes place.

Is it possible to mow a surface without having an exactly measured route?

In addition to the autonomous mowing mode, the Spider Autonomous 2.0 mower also offers a function called perimeter mode. This feature allows the operator to drive the mower around a certain perimeter through the remote control in the RC mode. After closing the perimeter, the application automatically calculates the most efficient mowing pattern for the inside area of the perimeter. In the following step, the mower can mow the inside of the perimeter in the Autonomous mode. The device also sends the data to the MySpider portal, where it is saved as a mowing map for later use.

You can watch the video Perimeter mode, where you can explore in details how does it work.

Why do I need the GNSS-RTK correction station?

The precision when locating via GPS may deviate by up to 6 meters, which is too great a deviation for the machine to move around the area precisely. The GNSS-RTK correction station continuously perfects the GPS coordinates so that the mower may work with a centimeter-level accuracy on the planned route.

Can I leave the mower to work unattended?

The mower cannot be left to mow completely unattended. However the operator is just the supervisor so, one operator can control up to three autonomous machines at the same time. You can learn more directly from our head of sales in the video Autonomous mowing on solar field.

What else is need to be able to deploy the mower?

To use the machine in the autonomous mode and the perimeter mode you will need a GNSS-RTK correction station to navigate the autonomous mower precisely. To load the route into the machine’s memory, you need an Internet connection. Everything is managed in the mySpider user portal available for PCs, tablets, or smartphones.

Does it have obstacle sensors?

The mower is equipped with eight bumpers with sensors. If there is an impact on one of the bumpers while mowing in the autonomous mode, the machine automatically switches to the manual mode and stops mowing. Larger obstacles in the mowing area are entered into the route during the process of area measuring. You can learn more details how does it works in the video Autonomous mowing on solar fields.

How does the whole thing work?

Spider Autonomous 2.0 can cut grass in three modes: Autonomous mode, perimeter mode and manual mode.

For autonomous mowing, "a pre-mapping" (measurement service) is required, which is provided by our technicians and only needs to be done for the first time. After that, the operator simply downloads the software prepared and app-stored route to the mower and can start autonomous mowing. Mower follows the uploaded route.

Step by step it means: You will upload a mowing map into the mower via the mySpider user portal. You need to install a GNSS-RTK correction data station to perfect the GPS signal. Using a remote control, you will guide the mower near the beginning of a particular route and switch the machine to the autonomous mode. The mower will start and move directly to the closest part of the mowing map, where it will continue on the software-defined route till the end, where it will stop.

This is a great feature for large lawns with complicated terrain and many different obstacles.

More about how does it works you will learn in video Autonomous mowing on solar field or video Autonomous system of the mower.

In perimeter mode, the operator just marks the property boundary in manual mode using the RC and the software creates the most efficient route for the mower to follow.

This is a great feature for large lawns without obstacles.

More about how does the perimeter mode works you can explore in the video Perimeter mode - Advanced feature of Spider Autonomous 2.0.

In manual mode, the operator can cut the grass using RC as usual for remote controlled mowers.

How can I load a route into the lawn mower?

You can load a route via the mySpider user portal.

When using the Perimeter mode, a map is automatically loaded into the portal after the operator has driven the mower around the perimeter of the area manually using a remote control. You can watch our video guide How to use perimeter mode.

How is the measurement of the mowed area done?

We provide the measurement of the area as an additional service upon an agreement with a customer.

Would you like to have more information from us?

The best way is to see Spider Autonomous 2.0 in action!

Should you be interested in seeing a new way of proffesional care and maintenance of commercial lawns with the Spider Autonomous 2.0 mower, feel free to register for one of our demonstration events..

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The commercial autonomous slope mower brings up to 30 % higher effectivity, lowers operator costs up to 38 %, and offers universal use.