Key features and technology.

Reliable commercial grass cutting machines equipped with autonomous functions, GPS mower navigation, inovated ergonomic remote control and easy managing all mowers and tasks from fleet management portal.

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Precise satellite navigation

Spider Autonomous self cutting lawn mowers are navigated by a satellite GPS technology complemented with an RTK correction transmitter.

No more difficult installation of perimeter wires to smart mow without labour.

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Driverless autonomous mowing

Compared with other GPS robotic lawn mowers, the Spider Autonomous mowers are navigated by a satellite GPS technology complemented with an RTK (real-time-kinematic) correction transmitter with centimeter-level accuracy.

As a result, this self mowing lawn mower does not need any installation of perimeter wires.

When the mowing area is measured and the obstacles marked, the route planning software creates efficient routes. Than the smart mower works independently without any human intervention.

Web application for managing and following routes, GPS grass cutters and tasks

Web portal Spider Autonomous is designed to manage all your autonomous mowers and assign tasks within the fleet management.

The portal also includes map data where the planned routes are saved.

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Mowing efficiency control

The Spider Autonomous application enables the management of a fleet maintenance of lawn mowers.

It works with an innovative concept of ‘Jobs’. It means it can allocate tasks to individual mowers and their operators.

As a result, particular jobs may be monitored and assessed easily.

On this user-friendly portal, you can monitor the real-time performance of the mowers and have the expenses and time estimated for individual tasks under control.

Guide for operator of mower

There is a guide in the application that leads the operator through the whole process of autonomous mowing.

Furthermore, there is an option to upload and edit routes and diagnose the lawn mowers

Autonomous, RC and Perimeter modes

The Spider Autonomous 2.0 operator may easily switch between the Autonomous and RC (remote controlled) mode. The Perimeter mode is another helpful tool for the automation of mowing.

Operator can swith between three different mowing modes.

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Remote control mode

RC mode is mostly used to guide the mower near the beginning of a particular route, for easy transport and avoiding undetected obstacles.

The automatic detection of the nearest point of a loaded route is popular in these situations.

Should the mower encounter an unknown obstacle, the operator bypasses it by remote control of the lawn mower.

When switching back to the Autonomous mode, the mower automatically finds the closest point of a particular route in the system and continues mowing automatically.

Perimeter mode

The Perimeter mode is another helpful tool for the automation of mowing large areas with just a few obstacles. The operator drives the mower around the perimeter of the mowing surface with the remote control. After measuring the boundary, the software designs the ideal mowing route, and the machine finishes the mowing task individually.

Innovated ergonomic remote control

We have developed a brand new ergonomic remote control with wireless charging, vibration response, and bidirectional communication.

The Li-ion battery pack lasts up to 20 hours.

Another great advantage for the operator is the low weight of the remote controller.

Ergonomic, wireless charging and low weith.

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Bluetooth connection

Remote control connects to the lawn mower via Bluetooth technology.

Just putting any remote controller to the bonnet of any Spider Autonomous 2.0 is enough to connect it to the machine.

The control range is up to 100 meters.

Safety ‘Stop’ button

The operator has an SOS button at their disposal. The button can turn off all automatic grass cutting machines in the vicinity.

This function lowers the risk of injury or collision to an absolute minimum.

Spider Autonomous mowers work safely even in the most demanding conditions.

Display of mower data

The remote controller displays real-time data about the lawn mower, such as the incline of the mower, the cutting height, the remote controller battery level, and the fuel level in the machine.

Would you like to have more information from us?

The best way is to see Spider Autonomous 2.0 in action!

Should you be interested in seeing a new way of proffesional care and maintenance of commercial lawns with the Spider Autonomous 2.0 mower, feel free to register for one of our demonstration events..

Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0
Web application
Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0
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Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0
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Features of Spider Autonomous 2.0
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