The charging station is one of the accessories of Spider Autonomous 2.0 purchase package.

The charging station provides wireless charging of the remote control and the spare batteries. The charging station recharges the GNSS-RTK correction station via a cable. You can charge the remote control separately or with the correction station at the same time.

Procedure of charging all units

  1. Plug the charger into the power source.
  2. You can use an electric socket or car ignition.
  3. Demount the GNSS-RTK correction station from the base and move it to the charger.
  4. The power cord of the correction station can be found on the back side of the charger.
  5. Plug the electric cord into the connector on the bottom of the correction station. It is labeled 'Charger'.
  6. In case of full discharging of remote control, remove the discharged unit.
  7. Put the discharged unit of the remote control into the unit slot directly on the charger.
  8. You can also recharge a remote control with a discharged unit in it. Put it simply on the charger.
  9. This means you can recharge all the units simultaneously.
  10. You can monitor the recharging status of individual units on the LED panel on the charger.

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