Procedure of cleaning the mower step by step

  1. Before cleaning the machine, lower the mower into the position of the shortest cut.
  2. Make sure the machine is off.
  3. Unscrew 4 screws on the upper cover with an Allen key wrench size 5.
  4. Carefully lift the upper cover of the mower.
  5. Unplug the LTE antennas in any order.
  6. Facing the mower, unplug the left ILME cover connector.
  7. Now remove the cover carefully. Be wary of the cables.
  8. Unlock and remove the cover of the air filter.
  9. Loosen the air filter safeguard, and remove the air filter.
  10. Take the soft foam insert off the filter.
  11. Blow clean both parts of the filter.
  12. Put a soft foam insert onto the filter and return the filter to its place.
  13. Remove all three covers.
  14. Now you can blow clean the machine.
  15. Blow clean the air cooler and the engine fins thoroughly.
  16. After cleaning the machine, return the air filter cover to its place.
  17. Put back and attach the lateral covers.
  18. Put back the upper cover of the mower.
  19. Reconnect the ILME connector and LTE antennas.
  20. Wipe the outer parts with cloth or brush to remove rough dirt than blow clean the machine.

Additional information and tips for cleaning

Cleaning the whole machine by a power washer or similar is not recommended.

Water under pressure may penetrate inside electrical parts, air filter and causemalfunction. Wipe other parts with tissue or brush. The manufacturer recommendsblowing out the dirt with high-pressure air. Do not use gasoline or otheroil products for cleaning.The mowing deck must be thoroughly cleaned after each use, especially thewalls of the mowing deck. Cleaning should be done with a plastic scraper.Mower must not be washed using pressurized water or other high-pressureequipment.When cleaning the mowing deck, raise the mowing deck to the maximummowing height and place the mower into the service position. Secure it against movement. When cleaning, check thecondition of the blades at the same time. Preserve the abrasive parts with apreservative coating, especially if you won’t be using the mower for a long time.Proper maintenance and care of the mowing deck increase the quality of workand the service life of your machine.If you have further questions about maintaining the autonomous lawn mower contact your dealer or snt. support.

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