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Demonstration of our new satellite navigated lawn mowers in the headquarters of Spider slope mowers.

Reality surpassed all expectations!

Info updated: Feb 26, 2024

Date of event:
Apr 25
25 Apr
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For the majority of the visitors, it was their first encounter with our innovation

Some of the most important merchants specializing in RC models of the Spider mowers from Japan, Germany, and Great Britain have gathered in the headquarters of Dvořák – svahové sekačky in Pohled.

The reason why they visited us was the first presentation of the autonomous machine to their dealers. Upon arrival, all the dealers were informed about the novelty which had been prepared for them by the snt. Autonomous mowers and the traders received printed promotional materials. It was only now, however, that they were to experience all the functions of the new machine in person, and the reality surpassed all their expectations. 

The snt. Autonomous mowers had prepared two demonstrations of the Spider Autonomous 2.0 machines. In both cases, the mowers were supposed to cut out a grass pattern in the shape of the logo.

Cutting the logo in front of the company headquarters.

The first demonstration of the Spider Autonomous 2.0 product cutting the logo took place directly on the premises of Dvořák – svahové sekačky company.

The dealers gathered in the headquarters at 9.30 AM. In the training room, the company head dealer explained the autonomous technologies to the visitors; the traders also watched videos illustrating all the features and functions of the mower. They were also shown a route generated by the my.Spider portal to have an idea of what was going to happen on the grassy surface next to the headquarters.

The Spider Autonomous 2.0 product cutting the logo took place directly on the premises of Dvořák – svahové sekačky company.

After the presentation, which took about half an hour, everyone went out. In the place where the logo was to be cut, Messrs. Hladík, Šopík, and Dvořák explained to the participant how the machine works and on what principles and technologies it operates.

The autonomous machines were then sent to the grassy surface outside the building. The workshop participants moved around the premises so that they could admire the cutting precision of the mowers from different angles.

After the presentation, the visitors were shown the my.Spider portal on a screen where they could see how the mowers move in real-time.

Mr Šopík explained how to work with the portal, how the fleet management works, the operators' jobs, and how to enter route information. After this, the operators explained to the dealers how the machine operation works and what to be careful about in practice. This event took place at the end of April when the grass is not very tall yet, so the visual effect of the cut pattern was not so visible; nevertheless, the traders had the opportunity to assess how the machines operate autonomously and how accurate they are.

The complete cutting process took about 50 minutes.

Cutting the snt. logo on a slope in the rain.

The second event took place in a nearby town named Chotěboř.

The snt. Autonomous mowers company chose a steep grassy slope in order to demonstrate the traditional properties of the slope mower Spider, which makes the chassis of our autonomous machine. The entire cutting job was completed by two mowers in less than one hour again.
The snt. Autonomous mowers company logo grass-cutting took place in the landfill near the town Chotěboř.

Regardless of the bad weather, especially in the second part of the day, when the surface was quite wet and slippery, everything went well, and the demonstration participants were amazed at the precision and speed of the autonomous mowing.

One thing that really caught their attention was the fact that the operators just had to oversee the machines while working but they did not have to control them during the cutting process whatsoever.

We are really pleased by the positive feedback and we look forward to launching this unique novelty in the market.

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Productivity and efficiency of mowing.
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Check and try in person performance and efficiency of grass cutting

During the session, you will also witness the machine's exceptional performance in cutting the perimeter of a solar power plant. Moreover, we will present the unique ability of our machine to be controlled by a single operator, even for up to three machines at once. And, as a bonus, get a chance to experience the machine's handling in RC mode yourself!

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